Mixmate Updater App Update Process

Mixmate Updater App Update Process

Updater App Location on Play Store

Step 1: Verify App Version [ 1 ]

Step 2: Verify Mixmate Wifi is showing in Android Settings (DO NOT CLICK ON THE WIFI HERE)

Step 3: Update Firmware [ 2 ]

  1. Click on the "Search for Nearby Mixmates" line ( 2 )
  2. Select your Mixmate that you are updating
  3. IF YOU ARE COMING FROM LEGACY AND GET "UNABLE TO CONNECT", then you are NOT up to date with Legacy and must go back to step 1 in HERE
  4. Continue to Reboot your Mixmate and Run Updates until all Modules display "Module Up to Date" ( 6 )
  5. IF your Power Module is NOT updating, you MUST send in your module to Praxidyn to get updated. Make sure to include the following information INSIDE the package.
    1. Return Shipping Label
    2. "Update Power Module Firmware"
Send To:
1607 N. Frost Ave
Avoca, IA 51521

  1. This is what it looks like when a Module Updates